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Root Canals
Root Canals services offered in Cypress, TX

Root canals provide a safe and effective way to treat tooth infections without extractions. At Dentist at Rock Creek in Cypress, Texas, cosmetic and family dentists KimCuc Vo, DDS, Sandra Raouf, DDS, and the team boast years of experience performing root canals. The procedure is quick, pain-free, and can restore your smile. Call the office to request a root canal consultation today or book online.

Root Canals

What are root canals?

A root canal is a procedure that removes infected pulp from the center of a tooth. 

Tooth pulp has nerves and blood vessels. It provides temperature sensations but isn’t necessary for your tooth’s survival. Removing the pulp stops the infection from spreading and preserves your smile.

When are root canals necessary?

At Dentist at Rock Creek, the team uses root canals to treat damaged or infected tooth pulp caused by:

  • Extensive dental work
  • Untreated cavities
  • Oral trauma
  • Enamel damage (i.e. chips and cracks)

If you experience tooth pain, swelling, or a sensation of heat in your gums, contact the Dentist at Rock Creek team immediately. 

What do root canals involve?

Root canals involve a multi-step process, including:

Step one - Anesthetic and remove the pulp

Your Dentist at Rock Creek provider administers a local anesthetic near your affected tooth. After the medication sets in, they make a small opening in the top of your tooth and remove the pulp. They clean all of your root canals, eliminating the signs of infection.

Step two - Antibiotics and gutta-percha

After removing the pulp, your dentist rinses the inside of your tooth with a sterile solution. Then, they apply a topical antibiotic to prevent infection.

Next, your provider fills the center of your tooth with a soft material called gutta-percha. Then, they take impressions of your tooth and cover it with a temporary crown. The team sends your impressions to a nearby dental lab that creates a custom dental crown.

Step three - Recovery instructions

At the end of treatment, your provider writes a prescription for oral antibiotics and provides recovery instructions.

Step four - Follow up visit and custom crown

When your custom crown is finished, you return to Dentist at Rock Creek. Your provider replaces the temporary crown with the permanent one and explains how to care for it.

After you get the custom crown, you can bite and chew immediately.

What is recovery like after a root canal?

After a root canal, you may experience mild swelling and some increased tooth sensitivity. Take it easy for at least 24 hours and follow the team’s recovery instructions. Drink plenty of water, take your medication as prescribed, and continue brushing and flossing as normal.

Call Dentist at Rock Creek to learn more about root canals today or click the online booking feature.